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USWNT in ESPN Body Issues (XX)


I believe that we can make it out of group!  Maybe!


I believe that we can make it out of group!  Maybe!




Aww so sweet

uswnt favorites » Rapinoe to Wambach + unstoppable: “I knew that at least Abby was gonna be there, but I didn’t look and see her until the flight of the ball was going right at her.”

©AP Photo/Alex Menendez

©AP Photo/Alex Menendez

Studio 90: The Goal Face Revisited

I got it to the back post and that beast in the air just got a hold of it.


Not my photo. Anon linked it. Thanks yo.


USWNT BUDS » Abby Wambach + Sydney Leroux

@AbbyWambach: “@sydneyleroux: Mumford’s lyrics give me new ideas for tattoos.” NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [ x ]

@AbbyWambach: “@sydneyleroux: I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what’s going on but.. Go America! #PresidentialDebate” tweet of the night. #getinvolved [ x ]
@sydneyleroux‬: I feel like I’ve gained so much knowledge about politics through my timeline that I might run for president in 2016.‪ #iminvolvedabby‬ [ x ]

@sydneyleroux: I must say I’m pretty proud of myself. @AbbyWambach on Sims. #thehair #yourwelcome http://t.co/jLmcS3NK  [ x ]

@sydneyleroux@AbbyWambach: I’m looking into getting a new haircut. i’m thinking maybe something crazyish. send me pics. #notusyd” #butihavethebestideas [ x ]

@sydneyleroux: Khal Drogo @AbbyWambach saving me.. Khaleesi (obviously) from a stink bug in our room! #dothraki http://t.co/HASRyTdZ [ x ]

“It made me emotional because that is what’s special about the Olympics,” Abby Wambach said. “Seeing a kid come in, perform and do something that they didn’t even think was possible. It was brilliant.” [ x ]

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Abby Wambach - WNY Flash vs. FC Kansas City (2-1) 5/11/13

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