#affirmative action

I’m about to lose my fucking cool.. I need to say this one thing.. and Ima take a little break after I’m done and gather my cool back up.







Ima White woman or man and I’ve been passed over for jobs/colleges because of affirmative action….. 

BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!!!!! You lame excuse for a human being… name ONE motherfucking job or college that told you that they passed over you because of affirmative action!!!!???! 

White people.. You can’t fucking on one hand say that Black people want free shit from the government and don’t want to work and also act like Black people are stealing my employment/education opportunities!! It’s completely contradictory and on top of it all, it’s bullshit! Pure, simple bullshit.

And, I’m sorry to curse this much, but that’s the only word to describe it. Utter bullshit. You’re full of shit and it’s leaking out and spilling everywhere.

You live in a shit-ful dream world. Here’s reality

Unemployment rates, by race, and Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, 19722010

The Great Recession has widened the wealth gap, and race is a major factor.

And you want to talk about discrimination? Talk about this shit…. 

Study which found that “White names elicit about 50% more callbacks than African-American names” with the same credentials. And even when the credentials were made better on the Black resumes, it didn’t  significantly improve the callback rate.

This study sought to understand how the mass incarceration of Blacks effected Black employment. What they found was that “Blacks with criminal records are less than half as likely to receive consideration by employers, relative to their White counterparts with criminal records. The study also found that even Blacks with no criminal record were least likely to be employed than Whites with prior felony convictions.

 Based on 78 interviews with White employers in Atlanta, this study reveals that many White employers use a complex but widely shared stereotype of Black working-class women as single mothers to typify members of this group in order to explain their lack of Black women in their workplaces.
Not even a college degree helps Blacks with employment during the recession.
This is a compilation of random studies about the discrimination practices of White employers, compiled by the Clinton administration. Here’s the full report.
Talk about stealing opportunities?….. FUCK YOU you privileged slime. You think you’re so fucking great so everyone must want something from you. But, I don’t want a damn thing that you have because obviously everything that you have hasn’t benefited you at all since you’re completely self unaware and totally ignorant of the world around you. 
So, just to reiterate… fuck you and fuck every person on this planet who cries these White and empty tears. 
PREAAAACH!Would it be appropriate for me to add that the main benefactors of affirmative action are white women? Yes/yes?


Don’t you just love that white women don’t realize they’ve been the primary beneficiaries of Affirmative Action! But yeah, that’s cool heux, just burn down the ladder once you and yours have reached the top. smh.

I also love the logic that assumes if ANY POC got into a job or a school it was THIS PARTICULAR white person who got passed over.

Because if:

3000 people applied
2600 of them were white
500 people got accepted
15 of those people were POC

“BUT OMG I SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN ONE OF THOSE 15 SPACES, because clearly I’m better than the other 2,114 other white people who didn’t make it and ALL 400 POC who regardless of whether they made it or not.”

If the only reason you can imagine POC getting into school, or a job, is affirmative action, maybe you need to consider cutting your subscription to Mein Kampf magazine for a few months or something.

White narcissism is a HELL OF A DRUG.


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